I am pleased to introduce you to Textures and Trends International, an established apparel buying and souring company, which facilitates international customers with their buying requirements from Pakistan. In the twelve years since its inception, TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL has made rapid progress in building confidence towards itself by providing reliable and quality oriented services to its customers in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

At TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL, a dynamic team of professionals in the field of textiles works towards providing quality services to our customers. We can assist you with your current buying, by supplying high quality merchandise at internationally competitive prices, and on-time shipments, in order to meet your requirements. Following are a few of the services available at TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL:

  • Buying and Souring of Casual / Sports Wear for Men / Women /Children
  • Home textiles.
  • Inspection / Quality Assurance
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Sampling Programs
  • Factory Evaluation
  • Shipment Documents follow-up
  • Research and Development

(All the above services are being offered as a comprehensive package or individually at very economical rates so as to be able to cater to your exact needs and requirements).

At TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL, all our business associates, suppliers as well as customers are regarded as integral parts of the team. TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL operates under a centralized system which ensures a smooth operation covering both ends of the business; a high-speed communication network is in place which keeps us in constant contact with both the customers and the suppliers. Keeping the value of time in mind, the queries forwarded by our customers (including any price quotation required) are replied to in the earliest possible period. All details concerning current production programs are reported on a daily basis. Plans are currently underway to transfer all communications to an interactive web site; each of our customers would then be able to access the web site in order to retrieve or post information pertaining to production programs.

Our suppliers are a mix of small, medium and large sized factories. Each member factory is initially tested with small sized orders, and our office closely monitors their performance before they are given any larger assignments. This procedure ensures that the factory complies with the requirements of our customers. It would be worthwhile to mention here that the quality of the merchandise against which we carry out inspections is always guaranteed to comply with the given requirement and specifications, unless informed prior by our office.

Collaboration with TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL enables you to drastically reduce your workload by transferring the major responsibility to us. You also get a
substantial reduction in communication costs. We handle all the approvals prior to the production thereby cutting down the courier
expense as well as the time that is required to send lab dips, accessories, samples etc., to the customers for their approvals.

I hope that you will find the above information about our company and product range very useful in understanding the nature of our business, and that you will give TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL an opportunity to serve your company. Do contact us for any additional information; you are welcome to forward us some of your current inquiries enabling us to quote you our most competitive prices and also send you some counter samples for your evaluation with respect to quality and price. Please find attached herewith few photographs for your preview.

We, at TEXTURES AND TRENDS INTERNATIONAL, look forward to your early and favorable response.

Sincerely Yours,

For Textures and Trends International